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23 Jul 2020 12:23 By Rajesh Kishanpuriya

Identify Your Talent & Skills

Do you know what are you best at? The most successful people knew what they were best at and pursued those careers with fullest zeal.

Is your career giving enough personal satisfaction? Or you find your job or career just as a means to earn livelihood, and find it not interesting? 

Wrong people with incorrect work profiles costs the companies billions of dollars annually as well as people doing those jobs a lifetime of dissatisfaction and years of wasted time. This is a universal problem, and lot of companies are trying to address the same. 

Guruspeak.in helps students & working professionals identify their best skills and use it to shine in their right career paths. With seven ray energy scan, chakral scan, and set of series of introspective questions, we help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, what career goals should you pursue among the many aspirations based on your past fears and failures. Following are some examples of element based careers i.e. Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth Elements.  

Throat Chakra (Ether)

The ability to listen the unheard (Ears). Research and Development, Statistics and data crunching related careers, i.e. Scientists, financial analyst, Chartered Accountants, authors, writers, poets, story & content writing, or authors, singing, lawyer, events, comedy, political leader, master chef, technology oriented careers etc.

Heart Chakra (Air) 

The feelings are intense with touching effects (Skin). Human Resource Managers, Corporate Communication or Public Relations Officer, Music Directors, Musicians, Teachers, Doctors, Actors, Singers are required to have strong energy in the heart chakra.

Solar Plexus Chakra (Fire)

The eyes are sharp and have an eye for details. Sales Professional, Graphic designer, Website designer, Mobile app designer, anything related to higher emotional and visual appeal, event manager, architecture etc.

Sacral Chakra (Water)

The higher taste with strong taste buds of tongue.Film makers, creative oriented careers like architecture, fine arts, event management etc

Muladhar / Root Chakra (Earth) 

These people have great sense of smell (Nose) with excellent spatial ability. For example - Administrative work, Logistics and Operations manager, sportsperson any activity related to physical in nature, pilot, formula 1 car, dance choreographer etc

Every normal human being has atleast one or two of these elements very powerful, and rest are subdued, however people who practice yoga and meditation regularly can have all the chakras illuminated. Each of the above element is then classified into physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of Aum Vibration to arrive at the finer details. 

Please email us your updated resume with your educational qualifications, work experience at Connect@guruspeak.in for your career & competency report. Fees for this report - Rs. 2,500/- Working Professionals can avail group discounts while of 10% on group bookings of more than 10 employees.  Students get a 40% discount. 

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